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Update: Staff serving food in Dubai must wear masks

Staff who aren’t serving food do not need to wear masks

Dubai Municipality’s food safety department has issued a further update to restaurants regarding mask-wearing.

In light of changes to Covid-19 rules in the UAE, servers in Dubai restaurants were initially told they did not need to wear masks, while those in kitchens did.

However, a new update sent out on Saturday October 1, 2022, said: “Further to the changes in the Covid-19 precautionary measures, staff serving food to customers in restaurants, coffee shops etc are required to wear a mask.”

Caterer Middle East sought clarification and was told that anyone handing over food to guests must wear face masks, while other roles in restaurants, including customer-facing positions such as cashier or hostess do not need to, nor do those in kitchens.

However, all existing health and safety precautions much be adhered to.

Alhosn and mask changes

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) announced a raft of Covid-19 rule relaxations which came into effect on Wednesday.

Among them is an extension in the validity period for the Green Pass in the Alhosn app, now valid for 30 days.

“The Green Pass system is still a mandatory prerequisite for employees to enter their workplaces in federal authorities, as well as being linked to the tourism and economic sectors,” confirmed NCEMA on Twitter.

Masks are also no longer mandatory in public places.

Masks will still be required in medical facilities and hospitals, mosques, places of worship, and public transport, NCEMA said.

Face mask wearing at schools will now also become optional.

Those suspected of infection will still be required to wear a face mask. NCEMA recommends that all people with chronic diseases continue to wear masks.

Distance rules at mosques will be removed.

PCR tests are now only needed if symptoms are shown. Those who have mixed with patients already infected with Covid-19 need to take a PCR test and be observed for seven days.

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