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Tashas Group expanding to the UK in 2023 and taking Flamingo Room to Abu Dhabi

MD of Tashas Group Stefano Mihalitsianos says the next 12 months could be tough for the industry, however

Stefano Mihalitsianos, managing director of Tashas Group has seen a significant shift in consumer mindset in 2022. He says more and more people are looking for a 360-degree hospitality experience, taking in food, service and environment.

At Tashas, he wants to go back to the basics of hospitality, adapting to the maturing consumer.

Read on to find more from Mihalitsianos.

What have been the team’s greatest achievements of the year?

This year has been an incredibly busy and productive one for us. In 2022, we’ve seen double-digit growth against our pre-pandemic numbers and are also in the midst of expanding into new markets going into 2023. Alongside our international expansion with new venues opening in KSA, the UK and Abu Dhabi in 2023, we have spent the last year focusing on building the team and training new members whilst also implementing useful systems such as new HR management software, a training app as well as CRM innovations. The group as a whole has expanded. We have doubled the size of our core team to ensure the right processes and procedures are in place for our growth.

What are you most proud of this year?

Tashas Group has seen rapid employee growth over the past 12 months. This year has taught us the meaning of resilience, a word that has been the theme of 2022. We have bonded as a team and learned to adapt and harness our stresses to achieve better performance, and I hope we continue to do so.

What has your team done to change the industry in 2022?

At Tashas Group, we value honest ways of working and have a practical approach to business. We have a “shoot-straight” philosophy with all our stakeholders, including suppliers, third parties and customers. We have learned to only take on projects that we know we can execute to the best of our ability and give the right love and attention to. Sometimes this means having to say no to ensure our ways of working and standards remain the same. I believe this has positively impacted our reputation as a group.

Any advice for those looking to excel in the F&B industry?

F&B is a fast and constantly evolving industry. Some new trends and themes come every year, along with new concepts and customer needs. My one piece of advice is to stay true to the meaning of hospitality and rely on the basics. This means focusing on the core values of serving people, selling good food and maintaining an environment that is cared for. Some restaurants today forget about all of that. Focus on the product, give people a reason to smile, and ensure the area they’re sitting in is a memorable reason to leave home.

What is your outlook for 2023?

This year was super active, and 2023 won’t stop. We have, however, enjoyed the fruits of the F&B bubble that has been growing and growing. I believe it will slowly deflate next year due to market conditions and inflationary pressures. It’s important to focus on good value for customers. They will become more and more conscious of their spending as the year progresses.

Tashas Group has many new concepts in the Middle East that are opening and will be expanding into international markets. We’re stretching our reach in new territories, including KSA and the UK, as well as opening a new Flamingo Room by tashas in Abu Dhabi. This expansion will be for our existing concepts as well as new brands.

What are the big F&B trends of 2023?

Sustainability and local sourcing are buzzwords, and we’re slowly seeing more brands engage in these practices. Another trend is inclusivity in menu development and offering, meaning that there are more and more plant-based options, vegetarian varieties and dishes that can be amended to suit all lifestyles.

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