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RTA addresses delivery deaths: Don’t rush riders, their lives are important

RTA calls on the public not to rush delivery riders and to value their lives

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has addressed delivery rider deaths in the city. In a statement sent to the general public, the authority said if customers rush riders it puts their lives at risk.

RTA said: “Their [delivery riders’] lives are important, please don’t rush them, and try to plan your orders in advance to maintain their safety and to receive orders in a timely manner.

“Their families are eagerly waiting for them to return home.”

Delivery riders feeling pressured

It was found last year that 40.63 percent of UAE residents put long delivery times as their top frustration when ordering food online. Deliverect, which polled 1,015 general consumers in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, also found 30.82 percent of polled Saudi consumers felt the same about delivery speeds.

In terms of exact speeds demanded, only 0.1 percent think waiting over an hour for food is acceptable, while 30.49 percent of consumers in UAE and KSA say 10 to 20 minutes is acceptable; 39.82 percent say 21 to 30 minutes is okay, and 18.96 percent would be willing to wait up to 40 minutes.

Across all consumers, 26.16 minutes was the mean amount of time someone would wait for their delivery. On average, Dubai consumers will wait 27 minutes.

Rider strikes over safety and pay

In May 2022, delivery riders across the UAE went on strike over working conditions, pay and safety. Unionisation and striking is illegal in the emirates.

According to talabat representatives at that time, the gross monthly earnings of a rider is around AED3,500 on average.

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