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Frequently asked questions in relation to DTCM precautionary measures

Further to Circular DTCM/OUT/2021/0000395, issued on May 17 2021, please find below answers to frequently asked questions in relation to these precautionary measures. 

Q: Can you organise a business event in Dubai?
A: Yes, event organisers can host all types of business events in Dubai in line with the approved precautionary measures.

Q: Are there any events that are exclusive for fully vaccinated attendees?
A: For a one month trial period all attendees of specific events and activities such as concerts, gala dinners and award ceremonies will require Covid-19 vaccination, in addition to social celebrations taking place in registered venues including  weddings, birthday parties, baby showers etc.

Q: What events can people attend if they are not fully vaccinated?
A: There are many events that are taking place for people to attend that do not require full vaccination, including  Classical, Theatrical and Comedy shows in addition to all types of business events.

Q: Are PCR test results required  for people attending an event or attraction?
A: No, PCR test results are not formally required to attend any event or activity in Dubai. However vaccination is based on the type of event as described above.

Q: Do I need to comply with the precautionary measures if patrons are  fully vaccinated?
A: Health and safety of our residents and visitors is always our utmost priority, therefore all tourist and residents are expected to comply with all precautionary measures while enjoying any of the attractions, events or activities offered in the city.  This includes social distancing and wearing of masks.

Q: Will events and activities be available across summer in Dubai?
A: There will be a full program of events, activities and retail activations for residents and visitors to attend, whilst following all precautionary guidelines and procedures.  Please refer to for details on Dubai Summer Surprises and other events.

Kindly ensure putting strict controls in place to implement all precautionary measures, our field team will continue to carry out regular inspection visits, failure to comply will result in disciplinary action against the establishment.

For more information regarding the same, please contact DTCM call center through the following channels:

Whatsapp and Tel: 600555559