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Dubai Restaurants Group has officially launched

The organisation will be a link between F&B businesses and the Dubai government

We have some good news for restaurantsbars, and F&B businesses within Dubai – Dubai Restaurants Group has officially launched in the city.

Under the patronage of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the not-for-profit organisation is aiming to be the premier representative for the food and beverage industry in Dubai.

The organisation will provide its members with constructive advice, a number of resources to help the F&B industry grow, and there will also be a focus on sustainability.

Dubai Restaurants Group will also be an important link between F&B businesses and the Dubai government and members will be able to meet, talk, and share insider tips and expert advice.

“It is time the restaurant industry in Dubai had a unified voice and a forum to share experiences, skills and resources. I’m proud to be one of the founders of the group and, along with my colleagues, look forward to helping further enhance the F&B industry in the city. Dubai is the leading food destination in the world and the advent of Dubai Restaurants Group can only go towards cementing that position,” said Mubarak Bin Fahad, Chairman of Dubai Restaurants Group.

Commenting specifically on the COVID-19 pandemic, Mubarak added, “Dubai has been decisive in its dealing with the pandemic this year, which is why restaurants around the city were able to open up again so quickly with the correct precautions in place.

“The group has already fostered a strong working relationship with the Government’s Precautionary Committee to ensure that updates and the latest advice regarding social distancing and COVID-19 regulations are discussed, communicated and adhered to. It is important that the venues still work within the social distancing and safety regulations laid out by the government so as an F&B community we can continue to grow.”

Membership rates start from Dhs6,000 per year, per restaurant, Dhs16,000 per year for five to ten restaurants, and Dhs36,000 per year for more than ten venues.

Members of Dubai Restaurants Group will also have a place to network with peers and have preferential supplier and insurance rates. There also promises to be industry endorsements and accreditation, mentorship opportunities for upcoming businesses, and advance knowledge of new initiatives regarding the industry.

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Dhs6,000 (per year, per restaurant), Dhs16,000 (per year, five-ten restaurants), Dhs36,000 (per year, ten of more venues).