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Dubai government mandates delivery rider safety training to stay on the road

Dubai government mandates delivery rider safety training to stay on the road

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority announces delivery rider certifications

The issue of Dubai delivery riders’ safety has reached the ears of the government. A new programme to train riders on safety, maintenance and “defensive driving” has been announced. Accreditation in this programme is mandatory to stay on the road.

The programme is directly under Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

Accordingly, companies must register their riders at one of the nine institutes accredited by RTA, which are: Al Ahli Driving Centre, Belhasa Driving Centre, Bin Yaber Driving Institute, Dubai Driving Centre, Emirates Driving Institute, Emirates Transport Driving Institute, Excellence Driving and Galadari Driving Centre. All companies operating in this business must register riders to avoid violations of the applicable laws and regulations. 

In a statement, the authority said: “RTA calls on all companies working in the delivery sector to cooperate out of their social responsibility to raise the efficiency of this vital economic and service sector and at the same time maintain the safety of their riders.”

Dubai delivery rider safety

In September 2022, a panel of experts branded the current Dubai delivery system as a “fundamentally broken” industry. A large part of the discussion was how cheap it is for consumers to order food through delivery aggregators. The cost of the service is therefore pushed to restaurants and minimised by paying delivery riders badly.

Source: Caterer Middle East

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