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10 people allowed per table in Dubai restaurants, live entertainment returns

Brunches also return and bars re-opened on trial basis, social distancing reduced to two-metres

Restaurants in Dubai are now allowed to seat 10 people per table, an increase from the previous number of seven, while live entertainment will also return to F&B venues for a trial period of one month, which can be extended. All performers and entertainers must have taken the Covid-19 vaccine.

Social distancing between tables has also been reduced from three-metres to two-metres, a change that will allow venues to increase capacity.

Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management also revealed that bars are permitted to re-open on a trial basis provided all customers and staff have received the Covid-19 vaccine and restaurants can resume brunches if all measures are strictly observed.

In a tweet released by Dubai Media Office, the updated precautionary measures for events and activities also revealed that coffee shops can seat up to six people per table, while hotel occupancy has been raised to 100 percent.

While observing physical distancing of two metres and wearing face masks continues to be mandatory, entertainment venues can have an increased capacity of 70 percent occupancy, with permits to be given for concerts and social events on the condition that attendees and participants have been vaccinated.

The maximum number of attendees at indoor events is 1,500 and for outdoor events it’s 2,500.

Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management has reiterated that inspections will be carried out by the concerned authorities to ensure that all F&B outlets are fully adhering to the updated measures, with violators facing “stiff penalties”.

Image credit: Caterer Middle East