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Minimum number of training hours to obtain license increased for delivery riders

Delivery riders will now have to undergo an intensified driving training to obtain a license as part of a stringent licensing process implemented following a recent surge in motorbike accidents in Dubai. To obtain a motorbike license, delivery riders will have to complete 20 hours of training, up from the 15-hour requirement. A minimum of two hours’ night training has also become compulsory under the upgraded licensing measures tailored specifically for delivery riders.

Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Licensing Agency at Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), said, “Majority of the motorbike accidents occur at night. As part of their training, delivery bikers will train to drive at night under several scenarios designed to simulate day-to-day situations they face on the job,” said Al Ali.

To qualify for a driving test, delivery bikers will have to complete a specialised practical training where they learn to drive under several distractions such as locating the customer on the app or receiving notifications from the delivery company. In the enhanced driving classes, a delivery box is added to the motorbike to train riders to maintain balance and place the order in the carriage correctly.

“Delivery riders applying for a motorbike license are usually referred to driving institutes through the delivery company or the employer; that’s how we differentiate between employees working in the delivery sector and other riders applying for a motorbike license,” said Al Ali.

So far, 10,500 delivery bikers received an upgraded training in collaboration with delivery company and driving institutes.

Al Ali noted that future workshops will be held to accommodate more delivery bikers. Delivery companies can coordinate with driving institutes to upgrade the training of their staff as per the new requirements, he added.

RTA recently joined hands with Dubai Police to launch large-scale awareness initiatives to educate delivery riders about the risks of speeding and curb traffic violations. The authorities have intensified efforts to increase road safety as recent Dubai Police figures revealed a 25 per cent surge of motorbike accidents from 300 in 2020 to 400 in 2021.

Source: Khaleej Times