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Covid-19: UAE may impose restrictions on unvaccinated residents

Unvaccinated residents won’t be able to enter some places and obtain some services.

The UAE is considering the possibility of imposing movement restrictions on residents who have not taken the Covid-19 vaccine despite being eligible to do so.

Measures include restricting their entry to certain places and access to some services.

Addressing the Covid-19 briefing on Tuesday, a top National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) official said: “Delaying or refraining from taking the vaccine poses a threat to the safety of society and puts all groups, especially those most vulnerable to infection, at risk.”

Saif Al Dhaheri, spokesperson of the NCEMA, urged citizens and expats aged above 16 years to get vaccinated.

“Your hesitation today … puts your family, loved ones and community at risk. Receiving the vaccine will contribute to immunising and protecting the community from this pandemic.”

Individuals with medical conditions must see a specialist doctor to determine whether they are eligible to get vaccinated, the official added.

Getting the jab would mean protection against the new Covid strains that are spreading around the world.

The aim now is to reach herd immunity and “the focus in the coming period will be to vaccinate everyone”.

“The effectiveness of the vaccine ranges from very good to excellent,” said Al Dhaheri.

According to a recent study conducted in Abu Dhabi, no deaths were reported among fully vaccinated residents who contracted Covid-19.

The efficacy of vaccination in preventing hospitalisation is 93 per cent and reducing the need for ICU is 95 per cent.

Image credit: Wam